Pa Paandi Aka Power Paandi review

Dhanush has turned director with Pa Paandi and he has made a perfect feel-good emotional entertainer for family audiences. Pa Paandi is about a man in his golden 60’s who is in search of himself, happiness, freedom and wants to get away from the monotonous urban life with his son and family.

Power Paandi (Rajkiran) is a retired stunt master in Kollywood, living with his son Raghavan (Prasanna), daughter-in-law Prema (Chaya Singh) and their two children. Raghavan wants his dad to stay at home and spend his leisure time with grandchildren.

But Paandi is an extrovert who can’t take things around him lightly, as he wants to work and be occupied. When Paandi picks up a fight with the local drug peddlers, it causes embarrassment to Raghavan.

At one point of time, Paandi writes a letter and leaves home. The old man wants to explore life and goes on a road trip to meet his first love (Revathi) in Hyderabad. Will Paandi meet her, does the road trip bring the much-needed happiness that he goes in search of?

Dhanush has packaged Pa Paandi in such a way that the film has necessary commercial elements including fight, romance, endearing songs and family sentiments. Establishing the characters and premise takes up a chunk of the film’s first half. The film’s second half moves briskly, save for the unnecessary songs that act as speed bumps in the narrative. With Revathy on screen, the film turns very interesting and the delicious twist in the last scene is a gem.

The flashback scenes of Dhanush and Madonna Sebastian (young Rajkiran and Revathi) though well-written is cliched. Revathi lifts the film with her brilliant performance and unlike the flashback, the present romantic sequence looks matured and poignant that towards the climax, Dhanush succeeds to pack an emotional wallop. We feel for the elderly pair, which is the true success of a well made feel-good entertainer.

Though Rajkiran has a natural presence, easy to relate to, and likeable as Power Paandi, his action sequences in the film were over the top. Prasanna is in top form while Chaya Singh has nothing much to do. Dhnaush and Madonna in small roles shine.

Among Sean Roldan’s songs Vaanam is the best. The composer elevates the scenes to a different level with his poignant re-recording. Overall, Pa Paandi is a well-intentioned film that wants to make some crucial points. It is a watchable feel-good entertainer.

Pa Paandi review- Verdict : Feel good

Courtesy: Moviebuzz

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