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Arya’s Kadamban is an emotional battle between forest tribals and a greedy industrialist.

Kadamban (Arya) is the son of the Kadambavanam village head (Super Subbarayan). People of Kadambavanam feel that Kadamban is the most bravest youngster in the entire village and they always stand behind him.

The forest ranger of Kadambavanam is a selfish rogue that he helps brigands and then there is a greedy industrialist (Deepraj Rana), who wants to swindle tons of limestone resource for his cement factory. But to extract the raw material, people of Kadambavanam should be moved to somewhere else but the locals refuse, they don’t want their animals get extinct, they seek their right. But the powerful industrialist send a bunch of goons in disguise of cops and set fire to the huts of Kadambavanam people, they also tries to murder everyone on the village.

Luckily, Kadamban and few others survive that they decides to initiate a war against the cruel corporates….

Director Ragava must be appreciated for handling a topical theme stressing how the advent of industries slowly eradicate our natural resources and how it indirectly affects us. The setup is authenticate and Arya, the film’s hero has given his heart and soul to his character.

Arya’s shredded physique, sharp look and subtle reactions perfectly suit the angry young tribal character, easily it’s one of his best performances in recent times. Catherine Tresa’s appearance doesn’t suit for a tribal woman character but the actress compensates it with her performance. Apart from adding glamour and romance quotient, Catherine also helps in the screenplay flow and emotional sequences.

The major drawback of the film is its weak villain. Though the battle is cruel, we couldn’t feel anything against the villain because his motto is generic, there is no back story or proper characterizations for him. Nevertheless, Kadamban attracts us for the theme and authentic portrayal of the lifestyle of forest tribals. For a film with so much violence against women and children, wonder how censor officials issued an ‘U’ certificate?

None of Yuvan Shankar Raja’s songs are memorable in Kadamban but he lifts the film with his background score. The film’s second hero is SR Sathish Kumar’s stunning visuals exploring the virgin locales of dense forest. Stunt choreography is another major plus point of the film, especially the climax fight sequence with several elephants has been superbly executed.

To conclude, Kadamban can be definitely watched for the relevant message and massive hard work of the team.

Kadamban review-Verdict : Emotional forest thriller

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