Enga Amma Rani review

The one and only positive aspect of Enga Amma Rani is the characterization of Dhanshikaa. After watching series of Tamil films portraying heroines in typical ‘loosu poonu’ roles, Dhanshikaa’s character in Enga Amma Rani is a great relief. However, as a film, this one is a plodding ride with the contrived screenplay, lazy writing, and outdated film-making.

Maybe, Enga Amma Rani would have been a perfect film for audiences in 1950’s but now, we are exposed to gems like ‘Queen’ and ’36 Vayadhinile’ with realistic themes and feel-good factor.

The film opens with Thulasi (Dhanshikaa), who is in search for her lost husband in Malaysia. The couple has twin children, Tara (Varsha) and Meera (Varnika). Thulasi slowly comes out of the absence of her husband and finds a job for her two daughters. Unfortunately, Tara dies of a rare disease and Meera also develops similar symptoms.

In order to save Meera, Thulasi takes her to the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. During the brief stay, Meera gets possessed by a ghost to kill the murderers of her family.

The ghost luckily eradicates the rare disease of Meera but the little one will be alive until she’s possessed. Once the ghost fulfills its wishes, Meera falls ill and the rest of the film is all about the unexpected decision of Thulasi to save her only child…

Dhanshikaa has done her part well, she rightly conveys necessary emotions through her subtle expressions but the rest of the actors are below par, they cannot hold the film, the writing is also over dramatic and dialogues fall flat. It’s shocking to know that Ilaiyaraaja has composed music for Enga Amma Rani, such an unsatisfactory work from the Maestro.

Overall, Enga Amma Rani is a film catered for TV serial fans, who still live in 1950’s.

Enga Amma Rani review- Verdict: Amateurish

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