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Had writer Sakthi Rajasekaran treated Yeidhavan without adding unnecessary commercial elements and preachy dialogues, the film would have been an engaging action thriller like Suseenthiran’s Naan Mahan Alla.

But now, Yeidhavan can be only termed as a film with an interesting concept that fails to turn impressive mainly due to commercial compromises and lack of fine writing.

Krishna (Kalaiyarasan) takes revenge on two middlemen and Gaurav (Saretheran), head of a private medical institution, who shattered the dream of his sister to become a doctor. In the process of taking revenge, our hero meets a gangster Dharma, who is also looking for the right time to murder Gaurav. Krishna also learns that Dharma is the one, who actually killed his sister in a car accident. How Krishna sketches a clever plan to kill all his foes forms the crux of the story…

One interesting aspect of Yeidhavan is that the characters are based on Mahabharatham—hero’s name is Krishna, one villain is named as Gaurav, his loyalist is Karnan (Aadukalam Narain) while their rival gangster’s name is Dharma. Apart from this unique factor, Yeidhavan also deals with the corrupted side of educational institutions and how it affects the future of the students.

Yeidhavan is actually not a bad film, it indeed provides quality entertainment in places. The interval point, where the motive of two enemies converges is a brilliant idea, we only wish the film had more such well written moments. The first half actually worked well but post-intermission, the director follows the regular revenge template that we are able to easily predict the next scene.

Saretheran is a promising find, until the climax, he is super convincing as a suave villain and being a dubbing artist (dubbed for Prabhas in Baahubali), he delivers powerful lines with great élan. Kalaiyarasan is adequate for the angry young man role but to carry the film single-handedly, the actor should improve his energy level he can’t sleepwalk throughout! Though Satna Titus plays a cop, there is no big score for the actress in the film.
Technically, Yeidhavan looks like a five years old film and the visual clearly conveys that the film was shot on a limited budget. To conclude, the film had an interesting plot but the shoddy execution in second half make it an average watch.

Yeidhavan review: Verdict: Average watch

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