Sangili Bungili Kadhava Thorae review

Occasionally, Tamil directors make horror films with family sentiment angle. Suriya’s Masssu Engira Maasilamani and Anananthapurathu Veedu (Produced by Shankar) dealt with family sentiments laced in horror genre. Now, director Atlee ‘s debut production interestingly titled Sangili Bunguli Kadhava Thorae has also used supernatural power to urge the importance of family unity!

Vasu (Jiiva) is a real estate agent and his only aim in life is to buy a house for his mom (Raadhika Sarath Kumar), mainly because of the embarrassments he faced throughout his life staying in rented houses. Vasu uses staged horror activities to bring down the price of his favorite house but only later, he comes to know that the place is really haunted by a ghost named Sangili Aandavar (Radha Ravi).

In order to own this house, Vasu should prove Sangili Aandavar that his big family remains united because the latter gives more importance to family values and the spirit had even killed his own brother-in-law, who tried to divide the house for monetary gain.

Director Ike’s biggest strength is his comic writing, and the film is filled with genuine fun moments thanks to Soori, who is aptly supported by ace comedians including Thambi Ramaiah and Devadharshini. Though the story is predictable from the word go, few well-written comedy sequences provide enough entertainment.

Another major advantage of Sangili Bunguli Kadhava Thorae is the constant diversion between the staged and real horror moments that often we get surprised, which indeed works in favor of the film. In the second half, the cliched family sentiments and the back story test your patience but the climax helps.

Jiiva, as usual, has done his part well as the happy-go-lucky guy whereas Sri Divya has one single expression throughout and sleepwalks. Though Radha Ravi comes only in the second half, he holds the film with his screen presence while the rest of the actors including Raadhika, Mayilsamy, Kovai Sarala, and Kausalya have justified their characters.

Vishal Chandrasekar‘s background score and Sathyan Sooriyan’s visuals rightly gel with the mood of the sequences while editor Suresh packs the film without much lag.

Overall, Sangili Bungili Kadhava Thorae is a watchable horror comedy for this summer season.

Sangili Bungili Kadhava Thorae review:Verdict: Watchable

Courtesy: Moviebuzz

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